Monday, January 3, 2011

roses in the sunlight

most whimsical & romantic editorial i've seen in the longest time <3

Elle US February 2009
Natalie Hockey & Sharon Van De Pas
by Carter Smith


Anonymous said...

i can't get over how it's just SO CRISP. dreamy.

Rosa&Carlotta said...

I loved this editorial when it came out! Everything looks so soft and romantic :)

fashion illustrations: 


great post...amazing photoshooting
follow you follow mw too

Charleston said...

sooooo etherial x

Franzi said...

Beautiful pictures, such a pure atmosphere!
xoxo F

PB+J said...

These are amazing, this is how I want to live. said...

Wow these pictures are amazing! So beautiful, they are soft but loud

COCO said...

oh my god... I DIE... the long fringe dress is UN-REAL!

LOVE the PINK too... such a fabulous color combo